Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I have nothing to say

Now some folks of my acquaintance, including the spousal unit, would consider that a good thing, but it’s not, especially when one is trying to be reasonably consistent in updating one’s blog, which now hasn’t had a new entry in a week.

I mean it’s not like our Now Slightly Used Government hasn’t been doing the same stupid stuff they’ve been doing for the past 16 months or so. Every time Baird or Flaherty or His Highness Stephen Harper himself opens his mouth there’s another few weeks of quality raw material. But for some reason it just hasn’t been resonating like it did last month or the month before that.

The goings-on with the Facebook crowd continue unabated. My inbox is jam-packed with Facebook notices of everything from friends updating their pictures and favourite colours to joining weird groups and writing on my wall with crayons. Ho-hum. Just more of the same old, same old. No creative sparks ignited by any of that.

I did buy a piece of outdoor art yesterday though - an old welder’s gas tank converted into a bell. Has a beautiful, deep, “BONG” sound to it that should carry for miles and irritate the hell out of the neighbours. It’s the kind of thing that small children (and I) would find fascinating but which many would view as simply a hunk of rusting steel. I thought about painting it bright red or fluorescent orange, but I think I’ll just let it rust. That way I don’t have to clean off the existing rust or worry about repainting it every year. Low maintenance is the key to garden art. Anyway, nothing to write about there either.

Nope, not a thing to say. Perhaps it’s just that spring has arrived, as scheduled, right after the May 2-4 long weekend, the winter-induced cabin fever is dissipating, attitudes are brightening, and an Ottawa summer beckons.