Friday, June 15, 2007

Universe now unbalanced - thanks a lot!

The universe is held in a delicate tenuous balance, dictated by various and sundry rules. The centrifugal force of the earth spinning through the solar system is countered by an identical centripetal force exerted by the gravitational pull of the sun. What goes up, must come down. The egg preceded the chicken. And no one gets out alive (at least as far as we know).

These rules all have their place in maintaining the order of the planet and the cosmos. A little too much of this, a little too much of that, or a butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo can all cause a disturbance that will upset the balance, with unpredictable consequences.

And these rules are not limited to the physical laws of nature. As occupants of this small, blue planet, we humans also have our rules that maintain the orderly and natural progression of human kind. Many of them were the mantras our mothers repeated endlessly: Don’t run with scissors; Sure it’s fun, until someone loses an eye. Others are dictated by those we choose to lead us: Pay your taxes, or else; Be good or go straight to Hell with no stopping for a double-double and a box of Tim-bits on the way. Still others come from experience: Wow, that was REALLY stupid!

But now the universe teeters on the brink as one of the most basic rules, one so basic even God didn’t think it was necessary to write it on a tablet, has been broken in Kitchener, Ontario. Yes THAT rule. The one that says the older brother is supposed to own the first Harley in the family. With little care for the potentially catastrophic disturbance he is about to unleash on an otherwise oblivious world, a younger brother, showing contemptous disregard for the rules, has just bought a 2000 Harley Davidson Road King.

I think I’ll just barricade myself indoors and await the coming apocalypse.

Or at least a visit so I can take it for a spin! Good on ya, Bro.

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