Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So where the hell is Dion?

Apparently the Conservatives have a callow disregard for democracy as evidenced by their positioning of an unelected member of the public, Sharon Smith, as the person citizens of the northern BC riding of Skeena—Bulkley Valley should approach in order to have a direct connection with the federal government. Duly elected, very popular, and effective NDP MP Nathan Cullen apparently doesn’t count.

Elections Canada is investigating the Conservatives for
election spending irregularities. It's alleged they laundered some money through local riding organizations to avoid exceeding their allowable election spending limits. All sorts of high-priced lawyers will be fighting this one out for some time. Meanwhile hizzoner Steve Harper is pretty silent on the whole issue, no doubt because it’s all the Liberals’ fault for starting this whole sleaze in government thing in the first place (and if that's the case, the Cons have shown themselves to be pretty good students, thus denying the old adage that you can always tell a Conservative, you just can't tell him very much).

So St├ęphane Dion and the Liberal Party are sitting on a couple of gold mines here but seem unable or unwilling to get any traction from either of them. It doesn’t take much to imagine the OUTRAGE, the RANTING, the BLEATING, and the cries of SHAME, SHAME if the roles were reversed. Why it would be absolutely deafening. So where is the Liberal high dudgeon now that the Conservatives have shown themselves to be fallible on a couple of high-visibility issues? It doesn't come packaged any sweeter than this but - nothing. Hizzoner must be laughing like a fool at a Liberal leader and a party that can’t even get a “WE’RE PISSED OFF AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO” message out to the public.

When the Liberals lose the next election it will be because they didn’t show up. Fools.

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