Friday, September 7, 2007

Dalton, return my health premium. You can afford it.

According to Premier Dalton McGuinty, the Ontario Liberals will not repeal their much-maligned health premium if re-elected. The health care premium (a tax by any other name) generates about $750 million dollars in provincial revenues. The reason, according to McGuinty, is “... we need every single penny of the premium. We can’t afford to get rid of that money.”

This statement was particularly curious as it came at the same time he was announcing $14.7 BILLION dollars in new spending. So what he was really saying is that he and his caucus need that money to fund the election promises they are now making in the hopes of being returned to office.

Dalton, I have a suggestion. Why not return the $750 million to Ontario taxpayers and offer up only $14 billion in new spending? You still get to buy our votes, but you no longer have the sword of that broken election promise hanging over your head. It’s so simple I would have thought that even a politician could have figured that out.

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