Sunday, November 4, 2007

The latest from Stevie "I am not involved" Harper

Susan Delacourt writes in The Star, “Hal Jackman, the former lieutenant-governor of Ontario and a long-time Conservative supporter, fundraiser and sometime candidate, is outraged that the party has ousted Mark Warner as its next candidate in Toronto Centre."

The fact that Conservatives are upset at this latest bone-headed move by Harper & Co. is not news although it would be nice to see them do something about it other than just whine to the press.

But I had to laugh (really – and out loud too!) at this bit:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper attempted to wash his hands of any involvement in the decision when asked about it yesterday in Halifax.

"Frankly, I'm not involved in those kind of decisions," Harper said. "The National Council is democratically elected and makes those decisions under the constitution of the party."

Stevie, can you say Bill Casey? What a hypocrite!

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