Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another broken Tory promise ....

In the Tories much-touted Taxpayers Bill of Rights, they guaranteed taxpayers “the right to have the law applied consistently”. Now it turns out that a group of some ex-JDS Uniphase employees, mostly residents of Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn’s riding, will have their tax bills forgiven under some obscure tax regulation. I guess SH&Co. must have forgotten to include the “unless you’re in a Conservative riding” bit.

This is clearly not tax law being applied consistently. Granted the law in this case is a bad law, but what about the thousands or even tens of thousands of others in the same or similar situations who, at great personal expense, paid rather than fight the tax man? What about them? Is the law being applied consistently to them? Not as far as I know.

If the Cons really wanted to do something about this, they would do it through proper channels. Change the law and get it passed through Parliament so that everyone gets the same benefit – not just those with friends in high places and an effective lobby group.

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