Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Damning with faint praise

As reported here (Report on Business), Dale Orr of IHS Global Insight Canada says Jim Flaherty "is certainly the best person in the Conservative cabinet to be the finance minister."

But wait, before we hang up that particular banner, what does the rest of the article say?

"Mr. Flaherty and the Conservatives should have taken better precautions against a deficit, noting they cut some rainy-day cushions and drove program spending up 13.8 per cent in their first two years."

"...he went too far in partisan attacks on Ontario's Liberal government and suggested Canada's most populous province was the "last place to invest" for business."

"...hard to find an economist who supports the Conservatives' decision to forgo $11-billion of annual revenue and cut the goods and services tax by two points..."

"It will also be the first time Ottawa has slid into the red from a surplus since 1970-1971."

"saw him fumble the relationship with Bay Street over a bid to end the tax deductibility of interest from foreign expansions, and underperform in selling a controversial equalization deal to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland."

"...he was removed from steering roles on two key agenda-setting cabinet committees."

And he's the "best person in the Conservative cabinet" to get us through this mess? We are in deep trouble my friends.


Steve V said...

I almost did the exact same post. What a column, basically carving Flaherty's decisions, and then saying he's the best person in cabinet. A dim bulb in a sea of darkness- what a team!

Canajun said...

It's like, this guy started a war here, and another war there, and blew up some civilians over here, hey, let's give him the Nobel Peace Prize!
Some days you just have to give your head a good shake.

Fire Flaherty said...

Flaherty deserves the lack of respect he gets. I look at the lack of depth in the Conservative bench as a symptom of a party that won't get the chance to run Canada much longer. At least that is my hope.