Thursday, December 11, 2008

My angel drives a tractor

We’re just two weeks from Christmas, or as the retailers would like us to think, only 13 more shopping days! The house is decorated inside and out and the baking is mostly done (although around here Christmas cookies have a half-life of about 2 days). And as always happens this time of year, the angels are out and about with gay abandon.

Christmas music now being broadcast on the airwaves includes the ever-popular traditional classics like Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and Angels We Have Heard on High. Every country music star and wannabe has released a new angels-heavy Christmas album. And acting careers are being launched by the thousands as 5-year-old girls and boys make their stage debut wearing a cut-down sheet and a pair of tinfoil wings in the Christmas concert.

Yup, angels figured heavily in Christmas celebrations from the very beginning when they supposedly told Mary who the father was and then told Joseph that it wasn’t him (not an enviable job). Then they got to fly around and spread the news about the Christ child to all mankind. And speaking of spreads, more recently they are best known for those Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercials.

I have to admit it all seemed a bit of a stretch to me until this morning.

That’s when my angel arrived with her 4-wheel-drive tractor complete with a honkin’ huge snow blower to clear the foot of snow (okay, 30 centimetres for the metric purists) that Mother Nature dumped on us – more specifically, our ½ mile driveway – last night. Ten minutes later she was done and we were once again connected with the big, wide world out there.

Now that’s something I can really believe in!

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