Saturday, February 7, 2009

Harper’s brilliant Senate strategy

In one of those slap-the-forehead moments I now know why Harper put Duffy in the Senate. It’s simple, really. Appoint a buffoon who will either piss off or otherwise embarrass enough of the population that we will all soon be begging for an elected Senate so we can throw the bum out.

How devilishly clever of the greatest political strategist of the modern era.


sassy said...

I had the same thought this morning after reading PSA’s post.

And then he, of all people had the audacity to attempt to instruct the media . . . priceless

White trash.

sassy said...

whoops, here's the correct link for instruct the media

Canajun said...

I suppose our failing is that we somehow expected something better from such a blatant Conservative suck-up.
But (again demonstrating Harper's brilliance in all things political) Duffy is certainly deflecting some attention from Patrick Brazeau's sexual harrassment issues.

Canajun said...
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