Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now that I own GM, here are my demands.

GOVERNMENT MOTORSAs a forced and reluctant shareholder in GM (I’ll never buy their product, why would I want their stock?) here are my demands:

1. Stephen Harper and Dalton McGuinty must explain in detail (use pictures and one-syllable words if necessary) why the ongoing demand for cars wouldn’t/couldn’t be met by other more successful manufacturers. People are still going to buy new vehicles, whether supplied by GM or others.

2. I want a letter of appreciation from GM pensioners thanking me and all other pension-less Canadians for the taxes paid on our depleted savings to top up their incomes so they don’t have to suffer the effects of the global recession like their fellow citizens. That’s the least they owe us.

3. A formal letter of apology to all taxpayers by the various levels of government which failed in their fiduciary duty to ensure that GM (and other corporations like it) adequately funded their pension plans, resulting in item 2 above. The letter is to be read out in the House of Commons by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and in the Ontario Legislature by Premier Dalton McGuinty. Name names.

That’s all. Three demands. Satisfy those and I’ll quit bitching about this egregious waste of taxpayer dollars to selectively support one industry sector that just happens to be centered in a vote-rich area of the country.

Sadly, I expect I’ll be complaining for a while yet.


Leeky Sweek said...

Sounds good to me. Let me know if you get your three demands.

KC said...

I dunno. By my calculations I am a 0.000000417% shareholder of GM. If you live in Ontario you're probably own a bit more. We probably don't have enough clout to have our demands met.

Anonymous said...

Good points!

I read that we can sell our shares in GM in a few years. Probably just in time for them to turn into penny stocks.

Anonymous said...

What about using their equipment to mfr mass transit?

Canajun said...

Still waiting for my reply from Stevie and Dalton. Stopped holding my breath some hours ago though.

liliannatel - great idea. Far too forward thinking for this government though. Perhaps we shareholders should stage a revolt.

Ross said...

I'd like the local dealer to start selling Ford's and John Deere Lawnmowers.