Monday, July 6, 2009

A tale of two immigrants

Mikhail Lennikov (stories here, here, and here) is, by most accounts, a model citizen. He came to Canada in 1997 on a student visa. In 1999 he applied for permanent residency. He was honest in his application, never hid his KGB background, and even shared information with CSIS. Since then, while waiting for the wheels of Canada’s immigration system to grind on, he has lived and worked in BC, raising his family and fully integrating into his adopted community.

The Canadian government has now finally decided that despite Lennikov’s exemplary record as an immigrant over the past 12 years, his time with the KGB more than 20 years ago make him “detrimental to the national interest”, and therefore he must be deported. But in a grand show of compassion, they have agreed to let his wife and son stay in Canada. 

Farid Noedost (stories here, here, and here) arrived in Canada as a refuge from Iran and gained permanent residency in 2001. Since then he has been convicted of drug crimes, fraud, mischief and sexual assault. In 2007 he was sentenced to 3 years in federal penitentiary for trafficking in cocaine. In 2008 he received a 3-year suspended sentence on a sexual assault conviction involving under-aged females. Other sexual assault charges were stayed.

The Immigration and Refugee Board told Noedost The way you have conducted yourself in Canada is despicable. You are a danger to girls under 18. And then rolled out the welcome mat. Yup, this convicted criminal and sex offender, who authorities believe presents a continued danger to Canadians, is welcome to stay.

Mikhail Lennikov – DEPORTED!

Farid Noedost – WELCOME!

Is this a great country or what?


BB said...

Dave...You're not thinking logically, AGAIN - if they deported Mr. Noedost his life might be in danger if he committed those crimes in his home country and we wouldn't want that, would we? Far better he stay here so that our conscience is clear - and let's not worry about his victims, I'm sure they understand. As for Mr. Lennikov, he is sadly a shining example of why honesty doesn't pay when trying to become a Canadian... truly a sad situation.

Canajun said...

BB - Clearly the end chapters of both stories have yet to be written, but the story so far doesn't look particularly good on Citizenship and Immigration or the Reform-a-Tories.

Gary Pickering said...

David..this just shows that common sense is not quite so "common" especially in the House of Commons.. Sad indeed!!

Canajun said...

Gary, sad it is.