Monday, February 15, 2010

“Canada has never won a gold on home soil”

That phrase must surely go down as one of the most over-used expressions in the modern Olympic era – at least in Canada. All last week (and for weeks before that) every time the Olympics were mentioned, the news anchor would sombrely intone, “And Canada has never won a gold medal on home soil.” as if God Himself was responsible for this continued slight on Canadian honour. Then he or she would rhyme off a list of athletes expected to finally break the spell and cast our national demon into the furnaces of Hell.

Well, no more. Thanks to an amazing moguls run by Alex Bilodeau (who, it’s worth noting, was not usually included in the aforementioned list of names) the writers now have to come up with some new theme to fill those long, boring stretches where talking heads fill the gaps between coverage of the actual events.

So congratulations Alex for your gold medal, and for ridding the airwaves of this particular hackneyed phrase. Canada thanks you for both.


Photo: Lyle Stafford, Reuters

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