Saturday, March 20, 2010

Soudas de-friended?

I’m no fan of Dimitri Soudas, but I have to think it must have been a pretty slow news day for the CBC to think this story warranted any coverage at all.

Apparently some Quebec TV show (Infoman - which, it also seems, had nothing better to do and so let the pre-teens run the operation for a while. And why does it always seem to be a Quebec TV show?) set up Soudas by creating a fake Facebook account in the name of a man wanted for arson in Alberta, and then (quelle horreur!) got Soudas to accept this bogus person as a Facebook friend.

The show then dutifully dragged in Michel Juneau-Katsuya, the spook-under-every-bed, ex-intelligence guy to do his usual scare mongering, leading us all to believe that state secrets aren’t only left in girlfriend’s apartments, but also casually tossed around on Facebook pages along with pictures of family and friends doing family and friend kinds of things.

The end result of this hard-hitting exposé? Soudas kills his Facebook page.

Chalk one more up for gotcha journalism - and add another plank to the Duffster’s platform.

(See Kady O’Malley’s take on this here.)

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