Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inferiority complex? Not bloody likely!

So some flunky buried in the basement of that Sussex Drive monstrosity called the US Embassy doesn’t think Canada measures up to the US. And now, thanks to Wikileaks, everyone is reporting on Canada’s “inherent inferiority complex” as if it were a fact.

It’s true that the Harper Cons seem to operate in awe of the US and want to play with the big boys and their big toys, but I know of no Canadian who feels in any way inferior to our southern neighbours – except possibly for the fact they get to enjoy better weather.

If Canadians can be found guilty of anything in this regard, it’s that we can sometimes feel superior, smug in our social safety net as we look southwards at the current economic disaster our friends and neighbours are having to deal with. Now that’s something worth paying attention to – when we’re not busy reading the latest inane email from some low-level embassy staffer.


MadPriest said...

Of course, accusations of inferiority usually come from people who have an inferiority complex. My immersion in US culture over the last five years of blogging has led me to include that the inhabitants of the US have lower self esteem than any other race on earth. This is why they shout so loud about how great they are (they are not talking to the rest of us they are trying to convince themselves). This is both very sad, as they have so much to offer, but also very dangerous. How many wars are begun because of unfounded jealousy?

Anonymous said...

The fact that you posted about this issue is evidence that Canadians do have an inferiority complex.

Who cares? Apparently you do.

Canajun said...

It's moronic comments like that that make it abundantly clear why some people prefer to remain "anonymous".