Monday, February 28, 2011

Breaking news–Alberta gets less than fair share of Order of Canada medals!

OOCIt must have been a slow news day in Ottawa; the Ottawa Citizen actually assigned someone the responsibility to do an analysis of Order of Canada recipients to determine if there was a geographic bias in their rewarding.

And of course they found one because there wouldn’t have been a story otherwise.

The writer provides a grade-school level analysis and speculates on why such a bias should exist, (I won’t go into details; you can read it all here) but really, it’s irrelevant. Unlike Senate seat awards (which I’d personally much rather have) for which the only current requirement is that you be a failed Conservative candidate willing to prostrate yourself at the feet of the Great Leader, there is no constitutional mandate for regional balance in the awarding of civilian honours.

Let’s face it, the Order of Canada is a nice piece of bling to hang on the office wall to prove you are really a “somebody”. But aside from the recipient him/herself, who cares?

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WesternGrit said...

When you note how "in love with the rest of Canada", and how "completely selflessly giving" the average right-wing Albertan is, this makes complete sense to me. Having lived in Alberta for many years, it surprises me not, that a province heavily populated by people who hate anything East of the Manitoba border would receive this dubious attention.

The Order of Canada is for Nation-builders - in all milieu. The typical right-wing, "I'm-in-it-for-me" Albertan attitude just doesn't jive with that philosophy...