Monday, March 21, 2011

Wag the Dog

In 1997 the movie Wag the Dog was released. Starring Robert de Niro and Dustin Hoffman, the movie’s premise is that the president, besieged by scandal, uses the media to manufacture a war that he can heroically end, thus restoring his honour and his chance of electoral success.

Stephen Harper’s “act of war” performance last week immediately brought this film to mind. Hounded by scandal at home, what better way to deflect attention from his failings as a leader than to stand up to a tin-pot dictator on the world stage?

There’s no question that Gadhafi needs to go, but our trifling commitment of 6 CF-18s and one frigate will not be a significant factor in whatever the outcome eventually is in Libya. So make no mistake, Canada’s involvement in this war is nothing more than a timely and welcome distraction for the prime minister to be able to appear statesman-like.

So far the writer has been unable to confirm rumours that every copy of Wag the Dog in Ottawa video stores has been commandeered by the PMO.


CanadianSense said...

It is nice to see how hundreds of Canadians sent overseas to assist Libyans is referred to as a "trifle".

Anonymous said...

"theres no question Gadhafi has to go". So, is it you'd prefer we not go, or, that Harper step down and let Ignatief send them over because after that sentence nothing else made any sense.

Canajun said...

CanadianSense - Would you prefer insignificant? Our involvement is not what's going to break Gadhafi - especially when lined up against British and US cruise missiles and their combined air strike capabilities.

Canajun said...

gwilliamjr - What I'm saying is the UN declaration caused a great sigh of relief in the PMO as it provided an opportunity for Harper to change the channel from the integrity and honesty questions being raised about his government back home.
As far as should we be there, I'd prefer we weren't in the Middle East at all. History has proven it to be nothing but a bottomless pit for Western military forces and we are simply wasting the lives of the brave men and women we send over there in an unwinnable situation, imo.

CanadianSense said...

Your post was an insult to our contribution in upholding the UN sanction mission.

The UN motion does NOT have anything to do with regime change. The action being taken is to stop the advance of the forces loyal to Gadafi on the civilian population in cities outside Tripoli. (Thats it)

The destruction of their air defence is part of process that will allow them to monitor and enforce the no-fly zone.

Comparing us to the US, Britain and France is on no value.

The decade of darkness from the Chretien-Martin Liberals and decades of neglect from Trudeau-Mulroney toward our military is slowly being addressed.