Sunday, April 10, 2011

How not to sell (me) a car

I was waiting in my dealer’s showroom last week as my car was being serviced and overheard this conversation between a young sales rep and a potential customer.

“Can I help you?”

“Uh, yeah, I’m thinking of buying a new truck.”

“Will you be financing or paying cash?”


“Okay, have a seat please.”

At this point the sales rep brought out a form and proceeded to interrogate the client. He had still not introduced himself.



“Own or rent?”

“How long at that address?”

“What is your annual income?”

“Where do you bank?”


The customer patiently answered every one of the questions. And it was only after all that the sales representative finally asked him what kind of vehicle he had in mind.

I can’t imagine this is how it’s taught in Selling Cars 101. Is meeting the clients need no longer the number one objective in the sales cycle? I would have been gone long before he got to asking whether I owned or rented my home, and the rep would likely still be wondering what happened.


rww said...

You obviously have not seen the I cannot talk seriously to you unless you give me your credit card sales technique.

They hold it to keep you from just walkinng out.

Canajun said...

Richard - Oh, I've seen it, but refuse to play. There are lots of other folks out there anxious for my money.

Gary said...

Hmmmm. You heard all that personal information eh? Maybe it should be called "How not to Protect someone's Privacy 101." LOL

Canajun said...

Gary - True. I could have been taking notes!