Monday, July 30, 2012

Bell Canada

We all love to hate large faceless corporations, and usually with good reason. Case in point: Last Monday, July 23, a massive storm blew through and several trees took down our phone line (and hydro, and garage roof, etc.).

Here’s the chronology of dealing with Bell Canada to get their service restored:

Tuesday July 24 – Called Bell to advise them of service outage. Stressed that the line was physically broken.

Wednesday July 25 (late) – Received a call from Bell advising that repairs had been completed.

Thursday July 26 – Called Bell again and suggested repairs might not actually be completed as the physical line was coiled up in my driveway.

Friday July 27 – Called Bell for follow-up and was advised the repairs would be completed by end of day. Again informed them the line was physically broken and would require someone on site.

Weekend – Nobody works on the weekend.

Monday July 30 – Called Bell. Voice response system advised that the previously reported issue had been resolved AND TESTED on Wednesday July 25. Spoke to an agent who seemed to have some difficulty grasping the fact that since I had the end of the line in my hand it couldn’t possibly be fixed, or tested. Projected repair date now Tuesday July 31.

Tuesday July 31 – Any bets????

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Rural said...

Oh boy, have been there done that, usually does not help that you can barely understand the Pakistani on the other end, and seems they do not understand simply english either!
Took me 5 years to resolve a water in the line issue that resulted in lousy or none existent connections every spring and fall. Finally pried a local cell number of an area supervisor from one of the technicians (who did in fact show up at the house) and after a couple of calls the problem was suddenly located and repaired!


Even the technicians who visited (never the same one twice!) were disgusted with the repair system and dispatching done from India by email, most had never met their boss and had no means of resolving problems with the system themselves. Dont blame the guy on the front lines its bell corporate that sucks!