Monday, October 22, 2007

Who the hell is Hannah Montana?

I’d never heard of Hannah Montana until this story hit the news wires. So that tells you there are either no pre-teen females in this household, or we live somewhere under a rock in Upper Armpit. And since Upper Armpit is actually just down the road, the correct answer is obviously a) no pre-teen females.

There used to be a pre-teen female in the house, but that was during the Back-Street Boys blessedly short reign at the top of the charts. We even did the father and daughter concert thing. Fortunately for me (and her) the tickets were free and included access to the company’s private suite – complete with well-stocked bar. While the girls shrieked their voices hoarse, moms and dads tried to tune out the noise and drank liberally in the back room. In other words, I have the t-shirt.

But things seem to have gotten just a little crazy since then. Tickets for some flash-in-the-pan teeny-bopper (now that dates me!) concert selling for thousands of dollars? One scalper is reportedly asking $3,600 a seat for these hard-to-get concert tickets. What the hell is going on here? Are some parents really willing to pay that kind of money just to avoid having to say “no” to their children?

Apparently they are. I mean it’s really not the kids fault. They have no idea what $3,600 represents. But their parents do, or should, and have an obligation to ensure their children develop some sense of perspective and the value of money. I don’t care how wealthy you are, or how guilty or inadequate you feel as a parent, THIS IS NUTS! Paying thousands of dollars for any 2-hour event is just plain dumb and should be cause to have one’s parenting license revoked (oh, how I wish it were possible!).


JimBobby said...

Whooee! I think the real story is the scalping. I seen on the TV where some scalper set up an automated ticket purchasing program and managed to buy all the tickets for some shows within a minute of them going on sale.

Idol worship is a tough one to unnerstand. I'd rather see more kids takin' music lessons an' struttin' their own stuff fer family an' friends than all this media-generated mass hysteria and hero worship.

Any kid or parent who shells out $3600 fer a show ticket oughta be forced to watch videos showin' how much good a typical third world-based NGO can do with that much dough. They should know how many million Earthlings live on less than $365 a year.

Sick an' sad, sez I.


Canajun said...

I agree that the scalping story is also interesting - I always understood it to be illegal to sell a ticket for more than face value, so either I'm wrong or there's been a de facto moratorium on any kind of enforcement. It's not like these guys would be hard to find - they publish their phone numbers for pete's sake.

Sick an' sad indeed.

breatnyS said...

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Anonymous said...

I have no idea who Hannah Montana is, but I heard about the price of the tickets, and the fact there might be fake ones floating around.

I endend up here by way of a Google search to find out who she is.

First of all, with a name like "Hannah Montana", I was not expecting to see an apparent 8-9 year old girl. I really thought I was going to see some well endowed ADULT female that puts on some type of a super show.

She should be put in the custody of her grandparents, or other family members as her parents are obviously trying to make a profit by whoring thier child out to the media. They should both be sterilized.

You also have to consider, if a parent shelled out over 1000 dollars for one ticket for their kid to see a concert, then they don't qualify as a parent. (These kids will be in a BMW at 16, and dead before 17 due to the parents granting every wish.)

I don't have kids, but I wouldn't pay that much for a ticket to see my favorite band!

Just my two cents.