Wednesday, January 23, 2008

She's my Commander-in-Chief. So what?

According to this news item, a certain Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh, a Captain in Canada’s Armed Forces and professor at the Royal Military College at Kingston, has decided that “having to sing God Save the Queen, toasting the Queen as the head of state, and saluting the Union Jack were all duties he found “politically offensive” and in conflict with his views”.

Quite rightly, the Federal Court tossed out his case, and with it his specious argument that requiring Canadian soldiers to pledge allegiance to the Queen, their Commander-in-Chief, constituted “institutional harassment”.

Now this guy wasn’t forced to join Canada’s military. We don’t have conscription. He joined of his own volition in 1975! He has been taking the King’s penny (or more accurately, the Queen’s penny) for about 33 years now, and all of a sudden he develops principles? Give me a break.

If he truly was a man of principle, he would resign his commission immediately and retire to enjoy that tainted pension to which he is entitled (and which I don't anticipate he will refuse).

If he doesn’t resign, perhaps they need some more hazardous duty volunteers in Afghanistan.

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Anonymous said...

Amazingly, the said captain states he is surprised at the result from the court. My response is that he must be f**king idiot (that's an infantry description of someone with may be intelligent, but is DUMB). How he came to be a professor of physics is beyond me, he is too stupid to waste oxygen on. Anyone who is still a captain after 30 years is clearly incapable of understanding that he should not still be in the organisation.