Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summertime, and the living is easy

It seems it’s finally here. After a long, snowy winter and a miserable spring, we’re now into the 30-degree days of summer. The water temperature in the lake has reached 27 degrees (about 80 on the ‘old’ scale) – perfect for floating in the lounger with a cold beer at hand. The golf courses are in great shape after all that rain. Bass season has just opened. And plans are afoot to take the new ride to Sturgis for the 68th Anniversary Rally in August.

So with all those reasons to exit the cocoon and enjoy this all too brief respite from the other 9 months of the year, why on earth would anyone waste any time at all paying the least bit of attention to all the political posturing, gamesmanship, and general bullshit that sadly never takes a break?

But I do have to relate this one told me last week:
“Why is it that our politicians all seemed surprised by the sudden shortage of oil?”
“Because the oil is in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. And the dipsticks are all in Ottawa.”
All of which is to say that unless something catastrophic happens over the course of the summer such as Stephen Harper deciding to become an NHL General Manager (Please, someone make him an offer!) I don’t expect to be doing much political blogging. I’ll leave that in the hands of far more capable folks than I.

And you’ll find me in the lounger, on the golf course, in the boat, or on the road.

Have a great summer!

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