Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Okay, so it's cold....

Today the Ottawa temperatures were in the -25 range (-35 with wind chill), but from the media coverage you’d think civil servants were freezing solid on the street, becoming human bollards that will interfere with bus traffic if and when the transit strike is ever over.

Sure 25-below is cold, but it’s not THAT cold (just ask anyone who lives between the Ontario border and the Rockies what cold is). And if we didn’t spend so much time telling everyone to stay indoors when it gets cold in this country, we’d all be better able to deal with winter weather and even, dare I say it, be able to get out and enjoy it. The cold is, after all, one of the defining characteristics of living up here in the Great White North, eh?

So bundle up and remember, it’s character building.

1 comment:

penlan said...

My character is just fine, thankyou very much! Don't need more "building" on it. ;)