Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reality bites!

Is this the perfect budget? No, probably not. But the problem is that no one – NO ONE – can define the perfect budget for these times. This budget, much as I hate to admit it, stands just as good a chance of success in helping Canadians and Canada’s economy as any other – whether it’s put together by the Liberals, the NDP, the Bloc or the Green Party. And let’s be honest here, any alternative budget by any other party would only be remarkable in its similarity to Flaherty’s latest effort. (After all, the right wing media and blogosphere isn’t screaming about Budget 2009 because it’s too “Conservative”.)

And as for all the whinging, wailing and gnashing of teeth in the progressive blogosphere, the Liberal Party is well aware that its constituency extends far beyond the realm of the politically polarized who occupy these pages. The general Canadian population will see this budget as a pragmatic response to difficult times and expect their MPs (all MPs) to get on board and make this work. To simply vote non-confidence on principle and thereby trigger an election (for it surely would) would be viewed as crass political opportunism to be subsequently, and severely, punished at the polls.

So I have to agree with Ignatieff on this one. To bring the government down over this and leave Canada’s economy in this current holding pattern for several more months while we go through an election would simply be irresponsible, both to those Canadians who desperately need some help now, and to Liberal fortunes which would be seriously damaged (again) by forcing an election at this time.

It sucks, but deal with it.


Tom said...

Well said. As I've said a lot today, let's not make the perfect the enemy of the acceptable. The Liberals and Michael Ignatieff looked responsible and pragmatic today. In contrast, Jack Layton looked small-minded and bitter, while the Conservatives just looked helpless on the end of their short leash.

Socially Active said...

There are leaders and followers.

The Liberals don't need a leadership contest, because they already have one.

And his name is Harper. The Liberal leadership constantly follow Harper. We are actually Conservatives and didn't know it.

Canajun said...

"We are actually Conservatives and didn't know it."

I expect a lot of Conservatives today have flipped that around: "We are actually Liberals and didn't know it."

Leadership also means knowing when not to lead a charge into sudden death and instead hold back and marshal the resources to turn the tide at a future opportunity.