Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Harper Conservatives give us all yet another reason to turf their sorry asses

According to this article in Healthzone, “A question about pregnant women and the H1N1 vaccine provoked a bizarre bout of heckling and laughter on the Tory benches in the Commons on Tuesday.”

Showing their class once again and reaffirming their disdain for Canadians in general and women in particular, the “Harper Government” shouted down Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett when she tried to ask a question related to the kind of vaccinations pregnant women should be getting.

“I "just was astounded," she told reporters after question period. "I don't know why these people think it's funny or whether it's just offensive or what it is. ... They were just heckling and laughing."”

Another disgusting display by the Reform-a-Tories.


Anonymous said...

Tell me a CPAC video exists for this.

CanadianSense said...

This latest publicity stunt by the Liberals earns 4 out of 5 doorknobs. Great video editing.

Do anyone expect Ottawa to have everyone from every medical body, country agree or to have the same opinion? Is this why the MI and the Liberals admire China so much? They are looking forward to controlling the news and opinions of its citizens and filtering those who don't conform to their Liberal Canada?

The Liberal Party of Canada, promising to eliminate different opinions. Scary stuff!

penlan said...

Yes, there is a video of this. Other bloggers on Liblogs have posted it.

What a busy day you're having ConSense. At least you're earning your pay.

Robert said...

You know what's astounding? The Liberals hypocrisy on this issue.

They are using Native children as "props" in H1N1 flyers.

Canajun said...

Canadian(non)Sense - Anyone of even average intelligence would realize this has NOTHING to do with sharing the same opinion, and EVERYTHING to do with respecting another's opinion - an impossibility for our Reform-a-Tories and their trained seals it seems.

CanadianSense said...


read the hansard and if you can't see the trap in the question, I am not qualified to help you.

If the Liberals want to add more confusion and fear into this serious matter, they are successful. Not sure you should be proud of that but as a Liberal there is very little nowadays.

Canajun said...

Canadian(non)Sense - Thanks, but I saw the video and need no help from you to see how pathetic "your" government is.

CanadianSense said...

You saw an edited video or the complete exchange?

Here is karma for those who posting about your liberal MP.

Look in the mirror and be very ashamed today about your party and behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Dear CanadianSense,

1. Yes, the Federal Government (all departments) should provide the same guidance, especially in the area of H1N1. Public Health Canada provides specific guidance in this area, and everyone in the government should echo it. Your profile says that you are in Marketing. Surely you must understand the importance of consistent messaging!

2. The Conservative minister that you are defending is wrong. There is no excuse for this on such an important issue. She should be ashamed that she doesn't know what her staff are recommending, and she should be bitch-slapped for being so casual in her handling of the question when there are so many worried people out there.

Pregnant women are in a high-risk group, and are understandably quite concerned. This is no place for partisan politics, laughing or anything else other than a professional, correct answer.