Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some people are put on this earth just to piss me off.

Was running short of cash the other day and so I stopped at the bank to use the ATM. There was no one in line and only one person at the machine… well actually two people, a woman and a child about 6 years old. So I expected it to be quick. What I didn’t know was that she was using this as a “learning experience” for her son.

As I waited… and waited… the conversation went like this.

Mom: “No sweetie, not that button. This button.”

Son: “Why” 

Mom: “Because we want to put this money in the bank. That’s what deposit means.”

Son: “Okay.”


Mom: “Now press the buttons to put in the amount. This amount. Here, on the cheque.”

{beep} {beep} {beep} …

Mom: “Okay, now press the Okay button. No, not that one…”

{beep} {beep} …

Mom: “Oops, that’s not right. Press the Cancel button… Here… Okay. Now we want to make a deposit, right?…”

And so it went for about 10 minutes as the line-up to use the cash machine grew longer, and longer, and the temperature in the small enclosed space rose considerably.

Finally, totally ignorant of the inconvenience caused to others, they finish and as they leave mom says to the boy, “There now, wasn’t that easy?”.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if banks still offered service....

(It's not like they don't make increasing profits)

kirbycairo said...

If the world has gotten too fast and busy for a mother to gently nurture her child though an everyday experience, then it is the world that needs to change and not the mother and child. Maybe you just need to put your cynicism and impatience on hold for a few moments out of your day to realize what is more important in life.

Canajun said...

Cherniak - Unfortunately it was after hours and the bank was closed. But I've always had pretty good counter service, so that's where I would have gone as soon as I realized what was happening.

kirbycairo – She can take all the time she wants to nurture her child – as long as it’s not my time. She inconveniences me and it’s somehow my problem? No way. Whether it’s the guy doing a tad under the limit in the fast lane, or the person who insists on letting their large dog run free in a playground full of kids, or the person who won’t pause an extra half second to keep a door from slamming in your face, the general lack of consideration for others has become the hallmark of this generation. I’m not naive enough to think I can do anything about it other than to raise my own children to be more aware and considerate, but I don’t have to accept it quietly.

Anonymous said...


While it's important to 'nurture' children it's just as important to teach them consideration for others! If there is only one machine, it would then be sooo nice if the lady were to point to her child and say, 'dear, we can do this some other time. There's only one machine here and other people are waiting'.

TonyB said...

What strikes me funny is what is missing in this "learning" experience. The child will presumably become aware of how to interact with a machine, but not with other humans. the only way to learn that is by paying attention to your surrounding, your actions and the impact on others. At 6 years old, ATMs will be a thing of the past by the time he comes of age to really use one. If not, I hope he's in an adolescent hurry...standing behind Dave and his (ahem) aging eyes. ;-)