Saturday, December 12, 2009

CBC, what hast thou wrought?

Broken CBCIt’s a few weeks now since the much ballyhooed facelift at CBC News. Although my first impressions were less than positive (to be charitable) I decided to give them some time to shake the bugs out and for me to get accustomed to the new shows and format.

Well CBC, your time is up, and if anything the more I see of the changes, the more I dislike what you’ve done.

What finally put me over the edge was watching The National last night. It was actually painful to watch Keith Boag, one of the CBC’s better parliamentary reporters, doing a fluff story on Tiger Woods’ indiscretions from LA. Tiger doesn’t even live in LA for Pete’s sake, so you can tell how much hard news there is for a veteran reporter to cover in the City of the Angels. Putting Boag on that beat is treading dangerously close to constructive dismissal in my opinion – but perhaps that was the plan all along.

And consider some of the other changes. Evan Solomon, a terrible interviewer who doesn’t hesitate to let his biases show, gets to replace Don Newman (another long-term, highly skilled veteran) on Power and Politics. Connect with Mark Kelly is a total dud in which his talents are sorely wasted. Local supper-hour newscasts now span 1 1/2 hours of the same stories being repeated over and over for those with short attention spans. And finally will someone PLEASE give Peter Mansbridge a chair!

Nope I’m not impressed. CBC you’ve created the Spruce Goose of network television news. Time to toss it on the woodpile and get back to focussing on content and quality rather than trying to be CNN north.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree...I like the little girl from global...that is all...Carole so in your face..Carole we have been listening to the same stories all day...your not telling us anything new...backoff...Suhanna is like she is the one going to marry the boss...what a smart alec....I cant stand Peter never me the creeps the way he glares at the weathergirl...Mark Kelly is so wasted and that girl he has on giving news breaks is out for his body....Wendy is the most beautiful and best at her job.,,,Power and politics has a power panel with Ivison.Flannery and that other creep that said Colvin was a liar...they are all cons....Dont like Rosemary too giddy ...Katie is good but never see her...What a waste of susan Bonner ....Don must be shaking his head in disbelief....and they keep hiring that lying TORY pollster ekos..well I guess all the pollsters are tories.

The Mound of Sound said...

I confess to being a CBC News alumnus 30 years back. When I went from radio to the TV side I quickly realized that news was doomed. I simply cannot watch Canadian television news - any of it. CBC remains the best of a decidedly meagre lot but it too is not worth watching.

Fortunately I get BBC and PBS when I do want television news.

Anonymous said...

Its really sad to watch the CBC's decline into tabloid journalism.

I remember when the PM was meeting Obama, and Mansbridge lead The National with that manufactured H1N1 body bags story. It was pathetic, and I for one am tired of paying for it.

CPAC is the cure.

Canajun said...

TMOS - Agree that for world news there are a lot better out there, but CBC is still the best for Canadian/local news - and that's not saying much.

Anon 1 - You're being a bit more brutal than I would be, but the point is well taken. CBC does seem to eat its own.

Anon 2 - CPAC is okay for political coverage, but I don't like to spend my entire day in the swamp. For my own sanity I need to look beyond Canadian politics on a frequent basis.