Friday, December 18, 2009

Copenhagen and the HarperCons

As John Ivison reports in the National Post, “Stephen Harper trudged up the steps of the plane taking him to Copenhagen with the reluctance of a Jenny Craig client learning to love lettuce.”

And then sums up with, “Not only does Mr. Harper find himself obliged to support such a process, it sounds very much like he might have to sign up for a carbon tax to help pay for Canada's contribution to the climate protection fund.”

Well guess what. That’s what happens when you ignore your responsibilities and choose to follow instead of lead – you have no choice but to tread in the footsteps of the lead dog, and you don’t get to pick who that is.

The Harper Conservatives – and it must be said, the Liberals before – have done their best to ignore the climate change file as it is widely viewed in political circles as a no-win issue that will ultimately pit energy-producing provinces against energy-using provinces. This need not be so, but certain lobby groups have a vested interest in maintaining the big lie. And so, instead of assuming the lead years ago, Canada now finds itself in “me too” land, with no influence, no credibility, and no choice.

Way to go guys, you make us so proud.


“Pity the leader caught between unloving critics and uncritical lovers.” – John Gardner.


Frunger said...

When the conference wraps up, I expect then that Iggy will come out publically in support of a carbon tax to collect money so that it can be shipped to the struggling third world countries to try to save the planet.

If Harper really wanted to lead the pack he'd come out strongly AGAINST the whole proposed $100 billion scheme. He'd get villfied for it, but he'd also be the only one willing to say what most of the other leaders are thinking.

No western leaders are going to send billions outside their borders with the economic mess most of them are in.

wilson said...

Canada won the “Colossal Fossil”
Which is about as good as it gets Frunger.

Harper was identified as the missing cog in the AGW fraud wheel going into this meeting.
US and Canada are identicle in their positions,
but the GO team were hoping Obama would be their saviour.

Not gonna happen.

Marx-A-Million said...

If I believed in God, his name would be David Suzuki!

Anonymous said...
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