Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Whatever the leader said, I stand behind what the leader said,"

toewsThis according to Vic Toews as reported in the Winnipeg Free Press. Reporting on the Quebec Conservative hockey arena fiasco (to be named the Stephen Harper Coliseum?), Toews is further quoted as saying "Manitoba has received, in fact … more than its fair share"  of infrastructure spending.

I don’t particularly care who got more or less of MY money (for it is, in fact, my money (and yours) the feds are throwing around to seed the Conservative vote garden) but that they are getting any of it at all – especially for commercial/professional sports facilities.

But the real point of this is that, yet again, another Conservative Minister has publicly admitted that he cannot or will not think for himself, but instead just blindly follows the orders of the supreme authority.

Say what you will about the so-called dysfunction in the Liberal and NDP caucuses where individual members sometimes take a principled stand on an issue, or publically disagree with their leadership, but I for one would much rather have thinking MPs in Parliament than just a bunch of bobbleheads doing what the boss tells them. That’s how Kim Jong Il operates and we’ve all seen how well that’s worked out.

The voters in Provencher should think hard about that come election time.

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WesternGrit said...

This is worse than a do-nothing bobble-head. It is a Cabinet Minister without any knowledge of one of the main issues of the day. Not only does it speak to Harper's dictatorial style, but also of the incompetence of his team.

They like to poke fun at the "elite" Liberals - just because a lot of our caucus and supporters are well-educated, and worldly - but, when push comes to shove, their so-called "talent" doesn't have the tools to do the job. It's like 40-some Dubya's trying to run a country.