Friday, September 24, 2010

Rob Ford – just 1 of 45

Rob FordIf there was ever any doubt about Rob Ford’s credentials to become mayor of Toronto, the fact that he is being endorsed by his friend Jimbo Flaherty should quickly put that to rest.

As an outsider I can stand back and smile condescendingly as the good burghers of Canada’s largest city all but acclaim Ford amidst the chorus of calls for sanity from the main stream media (except for the Sun, of course). But having seen Ottawa’s Larry O’Brien experience up close (which has many similarities, including a Sun endorsement, if I recall correctly) it’s worth remembering that Rob Ford has only 1 vote out of 45 on council.

So unless he’s a helluva salesman and can convince at least 22 fellow councillors he has the right answers he’s just going to be another angry white guy with a pulpit, doing little permanent damage other than providing the rest of Canada with 4 more years of entertainment at Toronto’s expense.


Anonymous said...

Aside from the Rossi underground highway proposal, the most bizarre thing that has happened in this race was just printed today. The person running in fourth place is considering withdrawing and endorsing the person in fifth place in order to make sure the person in first place doesn't win. Huh?! Personally I don't care who wins, but this move will most certainly help the first place candidate because it will only create confusion.

penlan said...

Good point on the numbers. Relief - in a way.