Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I’m with the kids on this one

The Windsor Star reports that a group of female students from a local Catholic high school were subjected to a 1 day suspension for cheering on their hockey team by wearing tops made of coloured duct tape.Go Lasers

It seems that this had become a tradition (the duct tape outfits, not the suspensions) during the school’s annual Father Zakoor Catholic Cup hockey game.

Mike Seguin, assistant superintendent of education with the Catholic school board, said the practice was never a board sanctioned tradition. He added it was banned this year after school officials got worried the outfits were getting increasingly “immodest.”

Apparently the girls asked permission to wear the outfits at the game and were told by the school authorities not to. They wore the outfits anyway and were therefore subject to disciplinary action.

Seguin said the girls were not suspended because their outfits were too skimpy. They were suspended for disobeying the rules, he said.

To the girls I say bravo. You were simply showing some school spirit, and did nothing that could in any way be deemed offensive. Take your lumps but be proud that you shone a bright light on one more piece of petty bureaucratic idiocy. We would do well in this country (and especially in this province) if more people followed your lead.

And to Mr. Seguin I say, get a life, lighten up, and watch more Red Green.


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sassy said...

I Second this post and add that I hope the girls went out and had fun on their day of suspension.