Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quote of the Day–Peter Kent

Peter KentThis morning on CTV’s Question Period, Craig Oliver was doing his usual pat-a-cake routine with Conservative ministers, talking to Peter Kent about his new job, and specifically his role (along with Julian Fantino) to capture more Con votes in the GTA in the next election they don’t want.

Kent responded with the usually Con rote pieces, making sure that there was at least one shot at the Liberals and a reference to the dreaded “opposition coalition”. (Bonus points for that Peter.)

But it was this comment, made in the context of a “political reawakening” in Toronto, as evidenced by Rob Ford’s election, that caught my attention. Kent was discussing how he meets with man-in-the-street Torontonians on a frequent basis and this is what they are telling him: “they are interested in getting more service for greater encroachment on their hard earned dollars, and that's exactly what we intend to deliver.” (emphasis mine)

I’m sure that didn’t come out quite right. Expect a retraction soon.


Skinny Dipper said...

Kent made a comment about outsiders complaining about the Tar Sands project.

Tomm said...

I noticed it too. Kent's mouth went south.

Curiously, for a guy that has spent his entire adult life in journalism, I was surprised he wasn't more eloquent.

I find myself getting irritated by how Craig asks his questions. In his pre-amble to one question he made comment about both the new post and the GTA, and then only asked about the one. I suppose it is a mechanism to get the interviewee off guard, but does it increase communication and clarity? I don't think so.

Canajun said...

Tomm - It was not an impressive interview, to say the least. Oliver seems to go through the motions, asking the pro forma questions but never following up on the answer. It's like he's not listening, but just needs to get to the next one on his list.
And Kent really needs to stick to a pre-written script if that's the best he can do. We'll see over the next few months.

Tomm said...


Quite frankly, Peter Kent is in an ideal position. Unlike Rona Ambrose, there are really low expectations.

He can trot out modest programs and they will be well received.

There has been a public backlash to the Greenpeace/Suzuki meme about Canada being a global environmental villain.

He should be able to stroll through this assignment. So I guess we'll see if he does.