Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shorter Larry Miller: Hitler would support the gun registry.

Larry MillerCon MP Larry Miller (Larry Who?) stood up in the House of Commons to throw his $0.02 into the gun registry debate. And his considered contribution? To equate the gun registry to Adolph Hitler. The money quote was: “the social re-engineering of Canadians? That is what Adolf Hitler tried to do in the 1930s.”

As one might expect this got the attention of other parliamentarians and the media. (If you ever want media coverage simply mention Hitler in the context of whatever subject you’re railing against – headline city!) Later MP Miller dutifully sort of apologized in the House.

That probably would have been the end of it and Larry Miller would have been able to go back to long lunches and snoozing in the back benches, but then he clarified his position in this interview published by the Toronto Sun.

Miller said he was trying to point out the similarities between the gun registry and Hitler confiscating guns from Jews.

“While the similarities between the gun registry and what Adolph Hitler did to perpetrate his crimes are very clear and obvious [ … ] but the truth is the truth and what he (Hitler) did at the time was his men went around and collected all the guns from the Jews. So I was just pointing out the similarities. That didn’t happen in Canada, but it could have and that’s one of the reasons there’s been such an uproar against the gun registry in this country.” (emphasis mine)

So in case it’s not “very clear and obvious” by now, the point he was trying to make is that Hitler did something in the 30’s that didn’t happen in Canada but could have if only we had mounted our own pogrom against our Jewish population and relieved them of their weapons. The fact that didn’t happen, and will never happen, is apparently irrelevant to this brainiac. By his logic(!) we should take away his car because someone once used one in a hit-and-run. The fact that he personally didn’t shouldn’t matter, he “could have”.

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound must be so proud of their man in Ottawa.

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