Thursday, February 2, 2012

“StatsCan loses top economic analyst over census”

I have to say I’m having some difficulty getting incensed over this story. (Stats Can loses top economic analyst over census).

A top Statistics Canada official has resigned his post, citing the end of the mandatory long-form census and the stifling of debate at the agency as his reasons for leaving.

Chief economic analyst Phillip Cross was with the agency for 36 years.

After 36 years with the agency, Cross didn’t “resign”, he retired. And it sounds like he retired to a nice cushy position with the C. D. Howe Institute.

As valid as his claimed issues might be, I’d be a lot more accepting of a story describing a principled resignation if Cross had lined up with Munir Sheik last year and walked out the door at the same time. Instead this seems more like Cross went looking for a soft landing to supplement his not insignificant civil service pension, and only then claimed a principled departure for purely political reasons.

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