Thursday, March 13, 2008

Speak up for Brenda

Since CTV’s W-FIVE airing of this story a few weeks ago (which I originally posted on here), there has developed a groundswell of interest in Brenda Martin’s situation by the MSM and in the blogosphere. Clearly the Harper government and the incompetent Helena Guergis are not interested in doing what needs to be done to publicly chastise Mexico and get Brenda Martin home, but the combined power of others (thank you, Paul Martin) and public outrage just may do the trick.

To contact the Mexican Embassy to Canada, just go

Here’s my message to Mexico:

"Be advised that as a result of your continued incarceration of a Canadian, Brenda Martin, without conviction, we have cancelled our planned vacation to the Mexican Riviera. Furthermore I am encouraging friends, colleagues, and anyone else I can reach to do the same.

The Canadian government may be loathe to act, but I can assure you, the Canadian people aren’t."

Tell them what you think.

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