Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stand by your man ....

Now that everyone else has had a kick at the can about the Spitzer scandal, it’s my turn. Eliot Spitzer obviously showed a serious lapse of judgement (several times) and deserves whatever he gets in my opinion. But this isn’t about him so much as it is about his wife.

Look at this picture – Silda Spitzer would rather be getting a root canal without anaesthetic than be standing there beside her husband. So why is she? How is it that these politicians can do something so mind-numbingly stupid, get caught, and then convince their wives to stand stoically by their side and share in their personal humiliation and embarrassment? I know if this was me, I’d be on my own in front of the cameras. That’s not to say I’d be necessarily headed for divorce court (although that would be a distinct possibility if there was 80 grand and a few hookers in the equation), but the message from my wife would be pretty clear: “You did it. You deal with it.” And you know what? She would be right.

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anurag said...

that's what I have always wondered too.....why do the wives come out with the accused? Probably for the kids. Either way it's just sad to see an end of a spectacular career in the making.