Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What is wrong with the good people of Ottawa West-Nepean?

or, at least the "54% of decided voters" who support this guy?

- John Baird who meddled in Ottawa's municipal elections.

- John Baird who is, embarrasingly, Canada's pit bull face to the world on climate change.

- John Baird who, until recently, was one of those elites who attended rich galas "subsidized by taxpayers", often arm in arm with Mrs. Steven Harper. (What is that all about, anyway?)

- John Baird who never found a contrary opinion he couldn't deride, belittle, or simply outshout.

- John Baird who feels that telling the truth comes a far distant second to scoring political points.

- John Baird who is nothing more than an immature, angry, political hack.

And to Jim Flaherty et al, I apologize. This photo was misrepresented in my last post. It wasn't really you after all. It was those "54% of decided voters" in Ottawa West-Nepean.


Javi Richmond said...

Just give the addresses of these foolish Con supporters to Pratt's sister.

She'll take care of them real good.

Anonymous said...

Ottawa West-Nepean is one of 3 ridings Avaaz is trying to target in their Stop Harper ad campaign. In Baird's riding, Avaaz is supporting David Pratt. Nearly $100,000 has been donated since the first appeal went out on Sept 27.

ottlib said...

Don't believe what The Citizen is telling you.

I live in the middle of the riding.

My bus to work meanders through the east end of the riding and I see alot of Liberal Red and not so much Conservative Blue.

I had some business in the West end of the riding on the weekend and I saw the same thing, although there was a little more blue than in the East.

I am not certain who is leading but it is alot closer than The Citizen is letting on.

Indeed, The Citizen is extremely biased towards the Conservatives so their story does not surprise me although I have to ask why they believe Mr. Baird needs their help and why they would make their frontpage story one that 9 out of 10 of their readers would not give a damn about?

Anonymous said...

This riding has the highest proportion of seniors in the country. Could this be part of the answer?

Miles Lunn said...

I suspect the actual numbers will be a bit closer than that. I can only guess the fact they have a high number of seniors and it seems when you get older you like to stay with the way things have been done, which is what Conservatives usually advocate, while younger voters tend to look more to progressive parties that favour change for the better in the future. After all, those in our 20s will be immensely affected by global warming, but those over 65 will be dead by the time the full ramfications are fully felt. I should note though 54% is only 6% more than the PC/Alliance combined vote in 2000 and 3% more than what Mike Harris got in 1999. Still you would hope people would have learned from that. I guess we will find out on election night.