Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why isn't everyone outraged?

I believed that any person or persons who, through criminal behaviour, attempted to muzzle or otherwise intimidate fellow citizens simply because they exercised their democratic right to express their political beliefs would be held in contempt by all Canadians.

So I thought I’d pop over to the Blogging Tories to see how they expressed their outrage at this blatant affront to the democratic process.

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Well, except for this one post at
Exactly Right, complaining about how the Toronto Star presented the story.

“The story is about a number of Liberal supporter-owned cars in Toronto that were vandalized. The headline ... reads Car vandals aim at Liberal supporters. Immediately below the headline, they feel it necessary to place a large photo of Stephen Harper; as if to imply that he and the Conservative party had something to do with it! The completely unrelated photo which links to a different story, was placed ahead of the photo that actually went with the story.”

So the Star had the effrontery to put The Great Leader's picture (since removed) on the same page as a story about what is, in effect, a hate crime, and that sparks the outrage. But vandalising political opponents' cars and houses and endangering their lives? Just business as usual. Ho hum.

Well that's not acceptable in the Canada I knew, and I want it back!


Bo Green said...

Well, since there's no actual difference between partisan Liberals and partisan Conservatives, it's pretty safe to say that Liberals wouldn't be very outraged either if it were Conservative supporters who were targeted. It would be nice if we could all treat each other kindly and conscientiously no matter who we all voted for, that's my two cents.

Canajun said...

I'm not so sure that's true. I think that progressives have much more respect for diversity and Canadian institutions, and so would expect that there would be some on the progressive front that would see this as a slap in the face of democracy and call it as such regardless which party's supporters were being targetted.
But so far (at least to my knowledge) it's only been Liberal supporters who have been hit in these two most serious incidents. And I guess that says something too.....