Friday, September 12, 2008

Is no one paying attention?

There’s been a lot of blogging on all sides over the last 24 hours or so about Canadians being called stupid – or not. Well, one can’t help wonder if there isn’t a lot of truth to that comment when this happens:
  • Conservatives show just how juvenile and partisan they really are through Puffin-gate, Sparrow-gate and the whole not-a-leader shtick.
  • Conservatives are caught using copyright material on their web site and ordered to cease and desist by at least one network.
  • Harper self-identifies as a fruit.
  • The RCMP pushes members of the press away from the PM so he won’t have to answer questions while standing in a Quebec vineyard (presumably relating on a personal level to the grapes). When they realize the potential damage, the Tories subsequently back track and later allow the press to question Harper on the Sparrow situation.
  • Harper threatens to not play at all if the Greens are invited to the debates, then back-tracks when his buddy Jack flip-flops.
  • In Quebec, Harper trots out national unity as a feeble (and convoluted) excuse to vote against the Liberals and their Green Shift.
  • Harper backtracks on his ‘no reductions in fuel taxes’ stance of about three weeks ago to offer up a transparent vote-buying 2 cent reduction in diesel fuel taxes, thus encouraging the use of fossil fuels and discouraging conservation.

And the Canadian voting public responds like this: “The Nanos daily tracking survey for CPAC and Sun Media puts the Conservatives at 37% nationwide, up from 33% in August -- when a Nanos poll placed the Tories and Liberals in a statistical dead heat.”

Just what is it going to take to get people to wake up?


Anonymous said...

Decima Cons 41 libs 26 NDP 15 Gr9 bloc 7

Anonymous said...

Umm, like May said, Canadians are just stupid, no? I read PB to stay updated, thanks all, but ya know, it would be great if everyone wasn't so partisan and actually stood back to see we're going to get this Bozo again, possibly for another 4 years. Precisely because everyone plays into his own playbook. Divide and Conquer.

Canadians are as gullible as Americans it seems. Great post.

Anonymous said...

It would take a campaign to wake people up.

Right now the liberals are running a schedule.

Perhaps they should realize it will take more than a few talking points to engage the wider public.