Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's simply outrageous!

Conservatives cry foul over Island Liberal MPs’ pre-election newsletters

Let's see now. The Cons have been flooding the land with 10-percenters for weeks now, including a few from Baird's riding (and possibly others) that arrived in people's mailboxes after the writ was dropped, with the predictable response. So now, when Liberal Wayne Easter (he of Gary Ritz fame) sends mailers out it's the Cons turn to feign outrage.

Childish. All around.


Luke said...

I believe the difference is that the Conservatives mailed their 10-percenters before the writ was dropped. Questionable ethics, but legal. The Liberals mailed theirs during the election campaign, which is blatantly illegal.

Canajun said...


I don't know that it's been established whether Easter's mailout occured after the writ or not. Certainly the Conservative position is that it was, but I'll leave it up to Elections Canada to decide the truth of the matter.

Either way, whether it's Baird dropping mailouts in the post box nano-seconds before the election is called for delivery during the campaign, or Easter doing the same thing, it's all tax payer money, it pisses me off, and making a big deal of it is simply nonsense.

I want to read about substantive policies, visions, and plans for Canada, and all this stuff does is cloud the real issues facing this country.

RuralSandi said...

C'mon, you know darn well that "mock outrage" is the Conservative way of dealing with issues that are not in their favour.

And, they are very petty people.

I don't care what Easter did, I'm mad because I received "7" 10% flyers in a couple of weeks on my dime from the Conservatives.