Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is there a pattern emerging here?

Every 50 feet or so along a stretch of Terry Fox Drive in Kanata this afternoon there was a Re-elect Gordon O'Connor sign posted beside the roadway. In among the sea of blue signs were the torn out signs of the NDP and Liberal candidates (There may have been some Greens in there too, but I was trying to pay attention to traffic at the time.) Not a single sign for the other parties was left standing that I could see.

Unfortunately this was a day I left my camera at home, but that image I think says more about one element of Stephen Harper's base than anything I could say in this blog.


penlan said...

It will also show others driving by what the Con base is like. People won't be fooled when all they see standing are the Con candidates signs. Real bad optics for O'Connor.

Robert said...

It's happening in a LOT of other ridings, and it is getting noticed.