Monday, September 22, 2008

They just can't seem to keep from lying.

I just listened to Flaherty and McCallum on Don Newman's Brooooaaaadcast, and the discussion turned, naturally, to income trusts. Flaherty insisted, on at least two occasions, that the income trust sector had rebounded, showing a 14.5% increase since September 2006. According to him, the only people who lost money in the income trust fiasco were "people that lost early on when they panicked and they sold". McCallum called him on it claiming that he (McCallum) had checked the figures this very morning and the sector had not rebounded. He was promptly told he was "wrong" and "totally inaccurate".

Then I find this chart posted at CAITI-ONLINE-MEDIA that clearly shows an 11.1% DROP in the income trust index since September 2006.

I'm beginning to think they really just cannot help themselves. It's pathological.


James Curran said...

Actually Harper himself said they rebounded in his press conference this morning.

Kephalos said...

What's the definition of "pathological"?

I can answer that. It is "grossly abnormal in properties or behaviour; not exhibiting certain properties common to almost all other examples of its class" (OED).

Stephen Harper does not feel good about himself if he is telling the truth, and not trying to trick somebody.

Truth in Trusts said...

Harper and Flaherty are bald, faced liars!! At close of business on Monday September 22, 2008 the remaining income trusts are down $27.530 billion from their close on October 31, 2006. Forget about the income trust index! Lazy people use that to calculate income trust gains and losses! The link below is to a spreadsheet that I have created that shows the gains/losses of every income trust since October 31, 2006. Those are the facts! The truth!

154 trusts are down and 39 trusts are up.

Truth in Trusts said...

Sorry, I linked to the wrong file. Here are the correct links.