Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Air Canada nut-free buffer zone gets OK.

When I saw this headline I was quite relieved to know I‘d never again have to worry about having a Harper Cabinet Minister as a seatmate on any long-haul Air Canada flights. Or short-haul ones either.


But then I read further and discovered they were talking about real nuts and passengers who had severe allergies.

Too bad. I thought Air Canada was really onto something there.


ridenrain said...

Not many helicopters for the troops but plenty of Challenger jets around instead.

WhigWag said...

'nother flashback, eh, Ridenrain: wake up! it's not 2002 anymore...it's 2010! $1.3B wasted on a photo op to get empty promises that are already being broken by a world that has no respect for Stevie Short Pants.