Friday, October 22, 2010

Note to Peter MacKay: Don’t buy this sub!

A few more florid than normal faces around the UK Ministry of Defence these days.

astute-class-submarine.jpgOne of their newest submarines, an Astute-class boat, somehow ran aground off the Scottish coast.

Now how on earth (or on sea) can a modern warship, with literally tens of millions of dollars of navigation gear, sonar, depth sounding technology, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, run aground? Well that’s what the MoD would like to find out. (One rumour is that the Captain was ashore replenishing his Scotch inventory when the tide went out, but that has yet to be confirmed.)

While the British are feeling very safe in their beds knowing that the Royal Navy is out there protecting their island home, the Ministry of Defence is putting together another offer of a “gently used” submarine for their former colony’s naval forces.

So I say to Peter MacKay, remember the Upholders and HMCS Chicoutimi.


ridenrain said...

So who was it that bought our first leaky British Subs? Chretien, if memory dosen't serve me correct.
So how are those working out?

Canajun said...

They're not. That was my point.
Does EVERYTHING have to be partisan to you?

ridenrain said...

Same with the USS San Francisco. World class attack sub that runs into an underwater mountain. I guess the mountain wasn't noisy enough.
As good as they are for the arctic, I'm not a fan of subs for littoral defense. It's our waters and showing your presence is part of being there.

Canajun said...

Canada can't afford, and won't buy even if they could, the latest nuclear submarine technology, so money spent on the Upholders is a total waste imo.
Better to put the money into surface operations - either Navy or Coast Guard - in areas where we have jurisdictional issues or require some extra presence.