Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is it still a Tim’s if they don’t sell Dutchies?

dutchieRunning into the city the other day I had a craving for a medium black and a Dutchie, so I swung off the Queensway and headed down to a Tim’s on Carling Ave. for my fix.

I pulled into the parking lot (I don’t do drive-thrus) and went inside only to find they don’t sell Dutchies at that location!

How can it be a Tim’s if they don’t sell Dutchies? It’s the iconic Tim Horton’s sugar-enriched, 360-calorie treat widely credited with hardening the arteries of an entire generation of Canadians. It was also, along with apple fritters, the first product ever sold by Tim’s. And it’s still one of their best selling items – at least at any outlet near where I live.

Clearly the universe is dangerously unbalanced and something must be done. Does Jimbo Flaherty know this? Maybe they stopped carrying Dutchies during the Chretien years, in which case it’s obviously the Liberal’s fault. Perhaps a few Economic Action Plan dollars could be tossed in Tim’s direction. (Note to PMO: Think of the photo op this presents. Against a backdrop of non-elites, Harper could scarf down a Dutchie while holding a double-double emblazoned with the EAP logo.)

It’s no wonder Ottawa’s going to the dogs. (Sorry, dogs, no Dutchies for you.)


Gary Pickering said...

If they ever get rid of the Sour Cream glazed, I'll really be upset!

penlan said...

I find it odd that different Horton's don't all carry the same donuts. Frustrating too. Wonder why?

Canajun said...

I expect it's all a matter of market presence and demand, but you'd think they'd at least require the "original two" to be available.

sassy said...

I happened to be in the south/east area of Ottawa today and was reminded of this post (your Dutchie disappointment) I dropped into the Tims (Innes and Cyrville Road, near the Pet Smart) just to ask if they had Dutchies. They do. :)

Canajun said...

sassy - Thanks, that's good to know in case I get out to that part of the city and experience a craving. :)

A Kisaragi Colour said...

Eclairs. I miss the eclairs.