Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Amateur hour on The Hill

According to this story at

“The Harper Conservatives injected partisan politics into their UN Security Council campaign, telling international diplomats Wednesday that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff puts his party before his country.”

lawrence_cannonForeign Affairs Minister Lawrence “Loose” Cannon levelled the charge at a gathering of non-partisan international diplomats, defying the normally accepted international protocols of leaving partisan politics at “the waters edge”.

If these guys weren’t such complete fools they’d understand there’s a reason why a country, no matter the politics at home, should appear united in the international political sphere. To do otherwise damages the country’s reputation abroad and brings into question the stability of it’s government, and hence it’s value as an ally and/or trading partner.

Is it possible they are that stupid? Or is this just another indication of the Cons seemingly insatiable need to destroy this country and all that it stands for, piece by piece?

“The audience of about 150 sat impassive and silent throughout the address offering polite applause at the end.”

Like Flaherty’s bombast a week or so ago, this is just another example of amateur hour, and I can’t wait for an audience, somewhere, to pointedly stand up in the middle of one of these inappropriate partisan diatribes and leave the room. And then watch Soudas try to spin it as a Liberal conspiracy.

Buffoons, the lot of them.


Anonymous said...

Ignatieff said that Canada doesn't deserve a seat in the council. He never said why Portugal should get the seat over Canada. Ignatieff is getting what he deserves.

If you recall Rae's response you can see why the Libs picked the wrong guy. At least Rae understands when to cut the partisan crap.

Canajun said...

@Anon - The difference is that Ignatieff didn't stand in front of an international, non-partisan forum and make those comments.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff should never have said what he did in any forum at any time.

Ignatieff delivered a drive by smear that had to be challenged.At least now his comment has the attention it deserves. I point out that very few Libs are defending his opinion. He's wrong and even Libs know it.

Canajun said...

@Anon - "Ignatieff delivered a drive by smear..."

Pot, meet kettle.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake Ignatieff's smear wasn't delivered to the Conservative party or even to the Canadian gov't. No one cares about that. It was delivered to Canada and Canadians.

Bobg said...

Ignatieff is a diplomat and understands world politics. The bozos running this suddenly right wing conservative country think the world cares if Canada's Prime minister can't get past amateur bullying and name calling.

Canajun said...

Bobg - With the decision now made by the UN and the Harper Conservatives pointing the finger of blame in every direction but inward, their unsuitability to govern becomes even more obvious. "Bozos" is right.