Monday, May 12, 2008

Another brilliant pronouncement by the head Dipper

“We want the government to use the laws it has and fix the laws it hasn’t.”



leftdog said...

Read the quote again in context of the topic! Is this the best you can come up with to criticise the NDP? Later today, when the New Democrats put a non-confidence motion on the Floor of Parliament ... your precious Liberal Members will quietly slink out of the Chamber and Harper will survive another vote! And you have the gall to attack Layton!

Canajun said...
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Canajun said...

C'mon, "fix the laws it hasn't"? That doesn't make sense in any context. How can you "fix" something that doesn't exist?

If I really wanted to criticize the NDP I would have referred to the utter inanity of this whole charade. Squealing over a cent or two at the pumps caused by a possible measuring error (which may or may not be in your favour), is in the same league as complaining about Interact user fees - of negligible import. Find something more useful to spend your time on.

And before you go on an anti-Liberal rant, I say the exact same thing applies to Dion, May, Duceppe, and of course, the Harpercrite hisself. None of them offer any real substance or vision.