Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"It's the Liberals fault!" - Queen's Park version

Six Nations protesters and the OPP are facing off over a blockade in Caledonia. It's heating up and tensions are building. Then Ontario's Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant steps in and helps defuse the situation, thus possibly avoiding a serious altercation that could conceivably have ended up with injuries or worse. Should be a good thing, right? Six Nations Chief Montour thought so, and sent Bryant a letter thanking him.

Oops - mistake. The provincial Tories got a copy of the letter and now claim that it's an "incriminating document" that contains "serious allegations" against the provincial Liberals. Conservative leader Runciman is now calling for an RCMP investigation into their claim of political interference in the OPP operation.

Stupid. Just stupid.

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Gary Pickering said...

Stupid Politician? What a tautology!!