Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You'd rather be called Sue?

From the ridiculous file (and the Australian News Network):

BRITISH soldier Kerry Hylton is suing the army because of the embarrassing nickname given to him by fellow troops.

Hylton claims he has been "demeaned'' by the nickname "Paris'', after the notorious blonde American socialite and Hilton hotel empire heiress. He is suing for race discrimination, alleging that his fellow soldiers ignored orders to stop calling him Paris.

The Daily Express newspaper reported that Hylton, a chef with the Welsh Guards, finds the nickname offensive because he considers Paris Hilton "a white woman with a low reputation''.

The Jamaica-born 33-year-old also alleged he was called several racist names at his barracks in London. An employment tribunal in London is expected to hear his case next month.

If every soldier who was given a less than complimentary nickname by his mates stared suing, there wouldn’t be an open court date anywhere until about 2025. Ridiculous that this should even get to an employment tribunal.

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